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Wu Xu - Yang Earth Dog Year

* Feb. 3rd, 2018 (13:29 PST) - Feb. 3rd, 2019 (19:15 PST)

“Disasters and calamities happen all the time in all parts of the World every year” quoting my Shifu Master Joseph Yu ... they can be natural and/or man-made. Chinese metaphysical studies can be utilized for forecasting, but just like the weather, nothing is absolute. Since everything within our Universe is connected in a multi-dimensional fashion, we can make predictions, but the accuracy is dependent upon many factors, which can be summarized in the following classic Chinese stanza:

  1. Destiny Fate
  2. Fate Luck
  3. Feng Shui Feng Shui
  4. Karma / Accumulate good deeds Karma / Accumulate good deeds
  5. Education / Studies Education / Studies
  6. Name Name
  7. Physiognomy Physiognomy
  8. Respect for the gods/higher intelligence Respect for the gods/higher intelligence
  9. Befriend honorable people Befriend honorable people
  10. Self cultivation Self cultivation
  11. Good choice of career and spouse Good choice of career and spouse
  12. Welcome the auspicious and avoid the inauspicious Welcome the auspicious and avoid the inauspicious
For Fate & Luck, we can gather the information from our own destiny chart; Feng Shui of course is the study of what is within our environment, and the rest is dependent upon our own choice and action in everyday life, at different point in time and space, in order to make the most of the potential of Balance and Harmony between the San Cai/Three Powers Tian, Di and Ren = Heaven, Earth and Man.

For the upcoming Wu Xu year - Yang Earth above the Dog - which comprises of Yang Earth, Yin Fire and Yin Metal, in Wuxing - the Five Elements principle, Fire generates Earth, which in turn generates Metal, which indicates a smooth flow of Qi/Chi.

Since the Dog clashes with the Dragon in the Bazi/Four Pillars of Destiny analysis, people who have the Dragon in their destiny chart will experience some ups or downs/changes in their lives during this solar year. And for people who were born in the previous Wu Xu year (1958), they have completed the whole Time Cycle of 60 years from the time they were born ... some major changes in life can be mitigated by their own positive action, preparation, personal lifestyle changes and attitude this year. Of course good Feng Shui in their environment will have an overall positive impact on their lives.

For more detailed look at the effects of the Yang Earth Dog on each person, we need to examine each individual’s Bazi/Four Pillars of Destiny Chart - based on the year, month, day, hour and place of birth, in order to fully analyze the implication upon each individual’s life within this solar year. The most important factor is the individual’s Day Master, the Yang Element prevalent on the day the person was born.

To find out the Elements in your personal Four Pillars chart, here are the links to two on-line calculators:
www.astro-fengshui.com/4P Charting.html

The Year of the Yang Earth Dog (2018)
Feng Shui Guide:

Year of Yang Earth Dog 2018 Guide

  1. Tai Sui is in Xu/Dog - West-Northwest - (30 degrees)
    • Do not sit facing Tai Sui, which is the strongest inauspicious qi of the year, and the leader of all the Annual Sha Qi, even if it is one of your good directions according to Ba Zhai.
    • Do not go against the Tai Sui. In case of construction or renovation, select an auspicious day for commencement of the project. Avoid major earth digging, hammering and loud commotions within this sector.
  2. Sui Po is in Chen/Dragon - East-Southeast - (30 degrees)
    The Annual Qi that challenges the Tai Sui, as Chen/Dragon clashes Xu/Dog directly. It should not be activated to annoy Tai Sui, e.g. by major earth digging, hammering and loud commotions within this sector, and select an auspicious day for commencement of any project.
  3. San Sha (Three Killings) is in the North (45 degrees) -
    • Jie Sha (Robbery Sha - the 15 degrees between 337.5 to 352.5 degrees)
    • Zai Sha (Calamity Sha - the 15 degrees between 352.5 to 7.5 degrees)
    • Sui Sha (Year Sha - the 15 degrees between 7.5 to 22.5 degrees)

    Tai Sui Xu/Dog belongs to the Fire Alliance – Yin/Tiger, Wu/Horse and Xu/Dog. San Sha Zi/Rat is in direct conflict against Wu/Horse, we need to confront this Sha Qi by facing it. Do not sit with your back towards it. Any major work in these sectors are not advisable, date selection will be very helpful for construction commencement on an auspicious day.
  4. Five Yellow is in the North (45 degrees) - A strong negative Earth Qi, which could cause calamities, bankruptcy, obstacles and accidents. We can harmonize this Qi by Metal sound within this part of the house - soft beautiful piano music, a chiming clock with round moving metal pendulum, etc. Not advisable to disturb this area, e.g. dig earth, hammer nails, construction, etc.

Yang Earth Dog (2018)
Xuan Kong Fei Xing Guide:

According to Xuan Kong Fei Xing - the Flying Stars School of Feng Shui, the arrival of the 9 Annual Stars on Feb. 3rd. 2018, will have different impact on the Natal Chart/existing Qi of any building, and subsequently to the lives of the people living or working within the space; in terms of prosperity, health, romance, relationship, academic/career success and general well being.

Year of Yang Earth Dog 2018 Xuan Kong Fei Xing Guide

Here is a brief summary of the Nine Annual Stars for the Wu Xu year:

The Nine Stars Sectors/Palace Impact
9 - The Angel of Vigor Central Instigation, happy event, promotion
1 - The Angel of Sheng Qi Northwest Qian Wisdom, mobility, inspiration
2 - The Monarch of Sickness West Dui

Sickness, fertility, assets

3 - The Phantom of Misfortune Northeast Gen Robbery, competition, lawsuits
4 - The Clever & Indecent Nymph South Li Academic success, romance
5 - The Devil of Ferocity North Kan Negativity, danger, calamity
6 - The Angel of Gallantry Southwest Kun Career success, authority
7 - The Spirit of Solemnity East Zhen Gossip, back stabbing, destruction
8 - The Angel of Wealth & Happiness Southeast Xun Steady growth in prosperity

  • For new home constructions or renovations, please check with Teresa for the auspicious dates in the month of building commencement, moving in, open house and house-warming parties.
  • For businesses, please check with Teresa for the auspicious dates in the year for open house, and Qi Energizing Ceremonies.
  • For homes, please check with Teresa for the auspicious dates in the year for house-warming parties and Qi Harmonizing Ceremonies for health and relationship issues.
For existing clients, an annual update is recommended. Since the arrival of the 9 different Annual Qi in the Solar New Year are guests who come to stay for the year, and will interact with the existing Qi - the outcome can have positive or negative impact on the people living/working within the space.

* For the west coast of Canada, the new solar year starts on Feb. 3rd, 2018. For other locations in the world, please check on www.fourpillars.net

Feng Shui is not static; we need to make changes constantly according to the passage of time on our individual space, in order to bring Sheng Qi and avoid Sha Qi in all the different aspects of our life.

Most importantly - self-awareness ... knowing yourself according to your destiny chart, especially your own luck cycles; besides knowing your strengths and weaknesses, your approach to life and attitude, your own choice of action/inaction will have the biggest impact on your own life.

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